Social Media Marketing

Social media managers and marketers ensure your social media is working for you by optimising and analysing your account and audience so you get the best return on investment. What this means is, they analyse the data from Facebook, Instagram and more and work out the best time of day to post your content and what is going to get the best engagement. With so many algorithms determining post reach, having a good social media presence really is becoming a fine art.

Boost your brand, engage your audience, & conquer social media with our Expert Marketing Solutions!

Content Creation and Curation

Community Engagement and Management

Analytics and Insights

Campaign Development and Execution

Brand Reputation Management

Why Need a Social Media Manager?

As we touched on in the last point, social media management is becoming a fine art. Algorithms are making it harder to achieve high post reach and engagement. A social media manager is experienced in knowing what is trending and what posts are likely to generate more engagement and reach. The SMM can also


  • do regular content sharing builds trust with your audience
  • saves you countless hours posting to your socials when you have better things to do
  • knows exactly what to post and when for better ROI
  • saves you a lot of time!

We Offer Personal Brand Photography

In a day where being online is a must for businesses, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. So how do you stand out from your competitors?

You make yourself the face of your business!

Having personal branded photography gives you the ability to share professionally photographed pictures of yourself on your socials and website that tell the story of YOU. Your photos will be tailored to the message you want to send – whether that be professional, fun and light-hearted or expressing your personality, your photo shoot will have you standing out from the crowd, because no competitor can compare to you.

SMM Packages

Social Media Management


  • Initial setup includes social media audit, competitor analysis, and content strategy
  • Profile audit and competitor analysis – recommendations for improvements
  • Facebook Ad creation


  • 1 post or reel per week on 1 platform
  • 2 posts or reels per week on 1 platform
  • 3 posts or reels per week on 1 platform + monthly reporting

Content & Graphic Creation


  • Content marketing strategy
  • One-off Batch content creation
    • 4 hours of research, graphic design, and content drafts with captions and hashtags
    • total number of content pieces created will vary depending on the information provided.
    • estimate 3-5 pieces mixed form: posts, reels, stories, and video)
  • Consulting video call – ask any questions, work together to solve problems, understand insights, run through scheduling and batch content creation, etc.
  • Lead magnet development and creation – eBook, email campaign, digital download, template competitions, etc
  • 10 Content ideas specific to your business including headers and hooks

Photography & Branding


  • Graphic design – Canva template creation – you receive a unique set of Canva templates with your branding so you can create your own consistent content at your leisure.
  • Headshot, personal branding and product photography prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What social media services do you offer?

We’re excited to offer a range of social media and content creation services including:

  • Facebook Ads creation
  • Ongoing social media management
  • Graphic Design in Canva
  • Personal brand photography and more
Do you offer social media audits?

Yes we do. Our social media manager can undertake an audit of your platforms so you know exactly how to optimise your socials for better return of investment.

Do you offer assistance with lead magnet creation?

Yes we do! We can assist with lead magnet creation and development through the creation of eBooks, email campaigns, digital downloads, templates and more.

Want to save time, money and boost productivity?

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to enquire about our services.