Mia’s Top Tips on Working From Home

by | May 3, 2024

Working remotely presents an array of challenges and opportunities, especially for those in admin and reception roles that traditionally depend on a high-touch, office-centric environment. Shifting these responsibilities to a home office can blur the lines between professional life and personal time, making productivity and time management vital components for success. With a few simple tips and strategies, you can optimise your productivity and find harmony between your work and personal life.

A remote admin or reception role relies heavily on keeping communication lines open and effective, to ensure messages/tasks don’t get lost in cyberspace. Two standout tools for remote admin and reception tasks that we use are Slack and ClickUp. Slack shines as a powerful team communication tool. Its real-time messaging ability, coupled with file sharing and integrative features, makes it indispensable. It means that distance doesn’t have to be a barrier between you and your team. ClickUp is another hero in this line of work. This all-in-one project management platform helps us organise our days with task lists, reminders and progress tracking which is a breeze to keep up with our duties. Adopting these tools can streamline your workflow so you can focus on the more substantive aspects of your job.

Finding balance in your home office is crucial, creating a clear distinction between your work and home life begins with setting physical and temporal boundaries. Establish a dedicated workspace in your home where you can focus solely on work. Having a designated workspace from the rest of your home will help you mentally switch into work mode and improve your concentration. Your desk setup should mimic an office environment, all the essential gear such as a laptop, extra monitor, mouse, keyboard, a notepad etc. should all be within your work area, to help maintain a steady, switched-on workflow. Position your work area by a window if possible; natural light does wonders for your mood and energy levels.

Establishing a structured routine can significantly enhance your productivity. Wake up at a consistent time, have a morning routine and plan your day ahead. On the digital front, maintaining an organised system is needed to have a steady flow for each day. Create folders for various aspects of your roles, and keep everything on your desktop neat instead of scattered everywhere. Personally, I have set up files within my Google bookmark bar so that when I log on in the mornings, all that I have to do is open the file and click all the websites/tools within it, and then I am ready for my day to start within a minute. Our team has access to Google Drive accounts for all of our clients, that has all major documents, files, links etc. within them. This makes it super easy to find anything you need for any client without having to search high and low through multiple folders.

By blending the right balance of productivity and communication tips, a well-organised workspace and an easy morning routine, remote admin and reception work can not only be achievable but extremely rewarding. Remember to keep your workspace clutter-free and organised and establish a routine that aligns with your personal and professional life. This way, remote work becomes not just feasible but a catalyst for improved performance and satisfaction.


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