Harnessing Your Waitlist for Maximum Engagement

by | Jan 27, 2023

With the demand for Allied Health services in Australia soaring, thanks in part to the National Disability Insurance Scheme, this has led to many practices having full waitlists. Every week, many people are being referred and added to those lists, but often these people move on to other providers before a spot opens up leaving you with far fewer people than you initially thought. This checklist looks at every point of their journey and how any concerns or questions can be addressed.

  1. Every query should receive a phenomenal first impression, no matter if your books are filled and there is a waitlist. Aim to reply to the inquiry promptly, ideally on the same day or next business day if received during the weekend. Provide an estimate of when they can expect to be seen, and offer helpful information about your practice so they can make an informed decision if you’re a suitable fit for them.
  2. Make the most of your waitlist with creative and value-packed resources. Give your patrons access to mini video series, blog/vlog posts, masterclasses, ebooks, newsletters, and even Facebook Lives that provide useful information without giving away industry secrets. This is a great way to thank them for putting their trust in you while they wait. Try sending them something each week that will add value to their lives while they wait.
  3. Staying organised is critical when managing your waitlist. Keep track of them in one convenient place outside of your inbox with help from scheduling systems like Power Diary and Cliniko. These have built-in waitlists where you can view who is waiting, how long they’ve been on the list, and write down any notes or preferences to ensure a smooth appointment process.
  4. Your waitlist can be more than just a nice-to-have business resource – it’s an opportunity to build relationships and show that you care. Follow up on your promise to contact them every month by calling them and giving them a wait-time update. Don’t forget to direct them to any new resources you’ve developed or promote your social media accounts too! Consistent follow-up shows that you value their time and effort investing in you.

Having a warm and engaged waitlist of potential clients is an exceptional advantage to your business. You can use these contacts to send out creative resources, build trust, and establish credibility with them.

However, if the wait times become too long and people start dropping off despite continued contact and information, consider closing your waitlist until further notice. You can also encourage new leads to subscribe to your newsletter or follow you on social media.

These are 4 simple and effective steps for making sure you keep a healthy waitlist!

If you need a hand with your waitlists, reception and administration needs be sure to reach out to us as we can organise a time to chat though, how we can streamline your business and give you back some time.


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